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Uni-Tec Pig Passage Indicators
KIDD Pig, Sphere and Scraper Passage Indicators are manufactured from stainless steel with weldable mounting base or Flange mounted to the pipe. The units have one moving part without the use of dynamic seals. Other materials are available to conform to customer specifications, including rnonel, aluminum bronze, 316L, etc. Additional Models and accessories are available.

Uni-Tec Replacement Passage Detectors
In the event you already have detectors on line, we have replacement units available utilizing the existing base welded on the line. Our replacement detectors allow you to use KIDD Passage Detectors even if your original unit was made by another manufacturer. Our assemblies are machined to high tolerance to allow mounting on existing bases without cutting or welding a new base.

Uni-Tec Pipeline Flow Switch
This Flow Switch detects bi-directional flow of product in pipeline and activates a hermatically sealed proximity switch. Simplicity of design is the key to reliability of the Kidd model 300-S. The flow switch is housed within stainless steel and pressure balanced without the use of dynamic seals.

Uni-Seal Polyurethane Scraper Cups
Our Scraper Cups for Mandrel pigs have shown amazing performance, outlasting our competition on many instances. One in particular, is our 48 cup with a travel of 3,200 miles without having to change the cups. This is due to the patented gussets keeping the scraper centrally located in the line giving an even wear all around.

KIDD Pipeline & Specialties Inc.
KIDD Pipeline & Specialties Inc. has been manufacturing high quality Uni-Tec Sphere and Pig Passage Indicators and Uni-Seal Polyurethane Scraper Cups for almost 40 years. We pride ourselves on our innovative patented designs that will provide years of trouble free service under the most demanding conditions.

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