Uni-Tec® Replacement Pig Passage Detectors and Switches

Pig Passage Switch
Uni-Tec® Pig Passage Switch

Uni-Tec® Model 100-S pig passage switch assembly features the use of a hermetically sealed proximity switch. Permanent magnetic field and hemi-spherically shaped pressure balanced probe for bi-directional operation. It may also be adjusted or serviced under pressure conditions. Utilizing stainless steel components and assembled by means of welding, the detector having only one moving part (the probe) insures that once installed and properly adjusted, the detector is virtually service free.
The detector is actuated when a pigging cup, polyurethane foam pig or sphere in passing causes the probe that extends into the ID of the pipe to be displaced. This displacement of the probe raises a balanced magnetic field into the vicinity of the proximity switch. The switch, housed in the calibrated tube, upon being influenced by the magnets closes completing the electrical circuit.

  • Units are provided with standard welded base properly scarfed to specified pipe diameter. Flanged and Weld-O-Hub mountings are also available.
  • Extension shafts are available for underground installations or insulated pipes (Model 100-SE).
  • Extended trigger mechanisms are available for oversized sections of pig launchers and receivers (Model 500-S).
  • Special keying and tolerances available for Meter Prover applications.
The detector switch assembly is hydrostatically tested at the factory to a minimum of 3000 psi. Higher test rating available upon request.

Electrical Detector Assembly Patent No. 3421124

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Model 100-S with explosion proof condulet
Model 100-SE with explosion proof condulet and extension shaft (Please specify extension length below)
Model 500-S with explosion proof condulet and extended trigger

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Replacement Passage Detector
Uni-Tec® Replacement Passage Detector

Uni-Tec® Model 100-M & Model 100-W Replacement Detectors
In the event you already have detectors on line, we have replacement units available utilizing the existing base welded on the line. Replacement detectors allow you to use KIDD Passage Detectors even if your original unit was made by another manufacturer. Our assemblies are machined to high tolerance to allow mounting on existing bases without cutting or welding a new base.

The entire detector assembly is housed within stainless steal and is pressure balanced without the use of any dynamic seals.

When ordering replacement detectors - Please specify the existing Manufacturer, Model Number and line size so we can find a match from our inventory.

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Model 100-W Screwed Replacement Passage Detector
Model 100-M Flanged Replacement Passage Detector
Model 100-U Replacement Passage Detector (Specify Manufacturer)
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